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Upholding the commitment to providing excellent customer service through bridging the gap between products sourcing and industrial manufacturing,
We always support our customers constructively and practically to meet the demands of each individual inquiries


What we can do

Ergonomical Design, Comfort Handling.



HaurYueh’s flagship ratchets. A gleam of excellent craftsmanship. Luminous physical structure expressing its meticulous polishing and splendid matt finishing, integrated with flexible holding grip along with
HaurYueh’s signature triple linears incisively striking around its cylindrical nature

With compact, round and oval quick release offset head

Dr. 1/2” Dr. 3/8” Dr. 1/4”



Quality Reveals Specialty


HaurYueh’s obsession with quality controls is cautiously complied to a rigorous procedure to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.


 An international-recognized quality management system standard from SGS

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Socket Sets

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Screw Drivers





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Ratchets & Sockets

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Hex Keys