Ergonomical Design, Comfort Handling.



A gleam of excellence craftsmanship. Luminous physical structure expressing its meticulous polishing and splendid matt finishing, integrated with flexible holding grip along with HaurYueh’s signature triple liners incisively striking around its cylindrical nature

With compact, round and oval quick release offset heads

Dr. 1/2” Dr. 3/8” Dr. 1/4”



Quality Reveals Specialty


HaurYueh’s obsession with quality control are cautiously complied to a rigorous procedure to ensure our customer’s satisfaction


 An international-recognized quality management system standard from SGS


Ratchet Wrench Set

The combination of quality and functional aesthetic.



Sophisticated in size, but solid and durably practical.


EVA Tools Set

Flexible, pliancy and rust proof. Addition.

Digital Torque Wrench

Evidently Precise

Living it up in Taiwan


At HaurYueh, we strongly believe value such as efficiency is one of our’s most important ethos and philosophy. Resources should be easily accessible. That's why we chose Taiwan’s most industrialized neighborhood “Taichung” for our location.