For those who value rarity and uniqueness. HaurYueh’s R&D department and design team carefully work with our customers, bringing together the finest material with best quality and realising every request with absolute devotion to make your vision a reality.


The fusion of factory and sourcing company allows for low-to-none minimum order quantity which can help your business to achieve flexible stock quantity control in inventory/warehouse management.

Free Samples

Turining an idea or project into reality often requires substantial planning and resources, thorough checks on pre-mass-production samples is a must to prevent Irrecoverable losses. HaurYueh is capable of providing the benefit of reducing the R&D cost of your new product.

Product Sourcing

Competitive Price

Legitimate factories are often difficult to find due to lack of marketings from factory themselves. Hiring Industrial trading company for source, corollary a quote with an up sold price is guaranteed to be sent. HaurYueh is both a factory and trading company we can help businesses maximize their profit margins in this competitive market.

40 years + Connections

Forging solid and reliable connections within most Industries usually takes time and effort to overcome many barriers. But what if you already have someone on the inside that is able to provide the communications and do the sourcing you need. Time is money, capitalize on HaurYueh for victory.

Quality Control

When an order is being processed HaurYueh scritly mandate our QC staff to perform quality control checklist before shipment. Our machining expertise knowledge allows for comprehensive product quality control solutions. If a problem presents during production period, you will know first hand. There is no fingers pointing to who causes your delay shippings. HaurYueh takes full resposibilty.